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Transfer Station

Clifton Park Transfer Station in the News

Take a look at the Schenectady Gazette’s recent article, Noisy, dusty ‘Murf’ makes single-stream recycling go’, to learn more about the process of ‘Single-Stream Recycling,’ a practice the Transfer Station switched to in March.

Clifton Park Transfer Station

The Transfer Station’s mission is to provide information to Town Residents to assist our community in maintaining proper waste management practices. Acceptable Waste – All recyclable materials, including clothing and shoes, common household trash, plastic bags, leaves and brush, car and rechargeable batteries, used antifreeze in a non reusable container, used motor oil and oil filters, fireplace ashes and demolition/construction materials*. * Some items incur additional fees.

Transfer Station Holiday Hours

Half Day: Transfer Station Open – 8am to 12 Noon Closed: Transfer Station Closed All Day – Official Holiday


Friday, January 1  -  Closed
Tuesday, January 20  –  Half Day
Tuesday, February 16  -  Half Day
Tuesday, May 31  –  Half Day
Tuesday, July 5  -  Closed
Tuesday, September 6  –  Half Day
Tuesday, October 11  -  Half Day
Friday, November 11  -  Closed
Thursday, November 24  -  Closed
Friday, November 25  -  Closed
Friday, December 23  -  Half Day
Saturday, December 24  -  Closed
Friday, December 30 -  Half Day
Saturday, December 31 – Closed


Tuesday, January 17, 2017  -  Half Day
Tuesday, February 21, 2017  -  Half Day

Permit Prices

Prices:* Annual Permit – $80.00 Senior Permit – $40.00 Extra vehicle Sticker – $5.00 Extra Punch Card – $25.00 Social Security Disability and Disabled American Veteran – $35.00 * Pricing is pro-rated for throughout the year based upon purchase date


Must be a resident or any owner of real property located within the Town of Clifton Park. Purchase at the Transfer Station, must provide proof of residency/property ownership at time of purchase. A Permit is required for each vehicle and the Permit sticker must be displayed on the back side of the vehicle’s rearview mirror, to be visible to the gate attendant. A Permit consists of two (2) punch cards consisting of fifty-two punches per card. Each punch hole entitles owner to deposit one (1) 36 gallon bag of refuse or its equivalent. Permits are valid for one (1) year, May 1st through April 30th each year. Senior Citizen (age 65+), Social Security Disability and Disabled American Veteran Permits: Discounted permits for qualifying residents MUST be purchased at the Town Clerk’s office in the Town Hall, Phone 371-6681. Please bring your driver’s license and the registration of the car (or cars) that wish to take items in.

Electronic Recycling

The Town of Clifton Park was recently notified by our Electronics Recycling vendor that they will begin charging to accept certain items.  For several years, the Town has accepted all electronics for recycling free to Clifton Park residents at the Transfer Station.  By providing this drop off service throughout the year, the Town has provided a convenient option for the collection and subsequent recycling of unwanted electronic items.  After conducting a bidding process, it became clear that the entire industry has established fees for certain items. The chart below details the electronics we will continue to accept for free and the items that will require a fee for disposal.  The fees will offset the Town’s cost of disposing of these items.  We are hopeful the industry environment will change in the future, to allow the Town to once again accept all items free of charge.   For additional information, please contact the Transfer Station at 371-6669 or Scott Reese at 371-6651.

Transfer Station CRT Rates 4-2016

Fall Clean-Up

Last two (2) Sundays in October and first two (2) Sundays in November. All permit holders are entitled to one free pick up truck load of mulch per week when available.

Spring Clean-Up Green Up

Every spring, the Town Board authorizes additional hours to help permit-holding residents with their Spring yard clean-up. Town of Clifton Park Transfer Station Spring Clean Up – April 17 and April 24  from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bulk Waste, Additional Fees Items not covered by Permit Fee:

Arm Chair $ 9.00
Sofa $ 15.00
Sofa Bed $ 20.00
Kitchen Chair $ 6.00
Kitchen Table $ 11.00
Cribs $ 8.00
Dressers $ 15.00
End Tables $ 7.00
Mattresses $ 12.00
Box Springs $ 12.00
Beds (head, foot board) $ 10.00
Bookcases $ 10.00
Desk $ 12.00
Entertainment Center $ 20.00
Lawn Chair $ 7.00
Lawn Table $ 8.00
Lawn Umbrella $ 7.00
Ping Pong Table $ 20.00
Pool Table $ 20.00
Piano $ 75.00
Organ $ 25.00
Vacuum Cleaner $8.00
Humidifiers $ 8.00
Dehumidifiers $ 8.00
Ottoman $ 8.00
China Cabinet $ 20.00
Rugs – 3′ x 5′ $ 8.00
Rugs – 6′ x 9′ $ 9.00
Rugs – 9′ x 12′ $ 10.00
Rugs – 12′ x 15′ $ 12.00
Rugs – 12′ x 18′ $ 14.00
Rubber Pad – 4′ x 6′ $ 8.00
Rubber Pad – 9′ x 12′ $ 12.00
Rubber Pad – 12′ x 18′ $ 18.00
Swimming Pool Filter $ 10.00
Swimming Pool Liner – 12′ $8.00
Swimming Pool Liner – 15′ $ 9.00
Swimming Pool Liner – 18′ $ 10.00
Swimming Pool Liner – 24′ $ 11.00
Swimming Pool Liner – 15′ x 25′ $ 10.00
Swimming Pool Liner – 16′ x 32′ $ 13.00
Swimming Pool Liner – 15′ x 30′ $ 14.00
Swimming Pool Covers – 12′ $ 8.00
Swimming Pool Covers – 15′ $ 8.00
Swimming Pool Covers – 18′ $ 9.00
Swimming Pool Covers – 24′ $ 10.00
Swimming Pool Covers – 15′ x 30′ $ 9.00
Lamp $ 8.00
Vacuum Cleaner $ 8.00
Children’s Large Toys $ 8.00
Toilet $ 8.00
Toilet Tank $ 8.00
Sink $ 8.00
Sliding Glass Door $ 9.00


  • All final decisions on rates and total price charged will be made by the person in charge of the Convenience Transfer Station at that time.
    • Rate is based on cost to dump C & D.
    • It takes approximately 6 – 30 gallon cans or bags for 1 cubic yard.
    • Rate: 30 gallon bag or can $6.00 minimum 6 bags or cans = 1 cubic yard – $36.00.
    • Loose rate: All loads will be measured and calculated to the nearest cubic yard.
  • Disposal of Tires – Rates
    • Car Tires 13” – 15” ~ $ 3.00 each
    • Light Truck Tires 16” – 19” ~ $6.00 each
    • Truck Tires 20” – 24” ~ $12.00 each
    • Heavy Equipment Tires ~ $48.00 each


Full Size Pick Up 2.5 Cubic Yards
Full Size Pick Up with cap 5.0 Cubic Yards
Full Size Pick Up (short bed) 2.0 Cubic Yards
Full Size Pick Up (short bed w/ cap) 4.0 Cubic Yards

Other Trucks & Trailers

4x4x2 1 Cubic Yard
4x4x4 2.5 Cubic Yards
4x6x2 2.0 Cubic Yards
4x6x4 3.5 Cubic Yards
4x8x2 2.5 Cubic Yards
4x8x4 5.0 Cubic Yards
6x8x2 3.5 Cubic Yards
6x8x4 7.0 Cubic Yards
7x8x2 4.0 Cubic Yards
7x8x4 8.0 Cubic Yards
7x10x2 5.0 Cubic Yards
7x10x4 10.0 Cubic Yards
7x12x2 6.0 Cubic Yards
7x12x4 12.0 Cubic Yards


Single Stream Recycling

Acceptable Material

# 1-7 Plastic Bottles Magazines, Brochures & Catalogs
#1-7 Plastic Tubs & Screw Top Jar (No Lids, No #7 PLA Compostables) Newspapers & Inserts (No Plastic Bags)
Cans Opened Mail, Junk Mail, and Greeting Cards
Clean, Balled Aluminum Foil (2″ or Larger) and Pie Pans Paper-back Books
Corrugated Cardboard & Paper Bags Paperboard Boxes
Empty Aerosol Cans (No Caps) Paper Egg Cartons
Empty Pizza Boxes Paper Milk/Juice Cartons (No Foil Pouches)
File Folders Phone Books
Glass Bottles & Jars Rigid Plastics
Loose Metal Jar Lids & Steel Bottle Caps Shredded Paper (must be in clear plastic bags)
White or Pastel Office Paper

Unacceptable Material

Ceramics Napkins
Diapers Needles or Syringes
Drinking Glasses Paper-To-Go Containers
Hangers Paper Ream Wrappers
Hard Back Books Paper Towels
Hazardous or Bio-Hazardous Waste Plastic 6-Pack Holders
Hoses, Ropes, Wire, Cords, Chain, or Cable Plastic Bags
Light Bulbs Plastic Microwave Trays
Mirrors Plates
Pyrex PVC Pipes

Scrap Metal  The Transfer Station accepts scrap metal. If you are looking to recycle scrap metal, it must be at least 80% Metal. metal dishwashers, metal appliances, metal frames, washer, dryer, refrigerators (door must be taken off), ovens, metal grills, etc.

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