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Clifton Park Town Hall

Receiver of Taxes

The Tax Receiver is designated by law to collect all state, county and special fees relating to all properties within the Town of Clifton Park. Tax Bills are mailed to owners and due in January of each year. Citizen taxpayers are welcome to pay taxes in person at Town Hall. Receipts can be provided immediately or mailed to the property owner. Many property owners pay their property taxes through bank held escrow accounts and the mail.The Tax Collector is available to answer questions and explain tax rates, special tax districts and any concerns relating to tax valuations and tax bills. The Tax Receiver is obligated to comply with all state, county and local tax laws, according to the tax warrant levied by the Saratoga County Treasurer’s Office.All tax payments are receipted and accounted for by professional standard accounting practices.The Tax Collector deposits all monies and is responsible for distribution of appropriate allocations to the proper agencies. Collects and processes payments for the Old Nott Farm and Rivercrest Sewer Districts.

Mail Tax Payments To:

Town of Clifton Park
PO Box 10788
Albany, New York 12201  
**Once payment is received by mail, a paid receipt will be mailed to the property owner.**

Tax Bill Portal

Click Here to View Tax Bills The Town of Clifton Park DOES NOT have a general TOWN TAX. Annual Clifton Park Tax Collection Dates: January 3 thru March 31, 2017 ** All Tax Payments received after January 31, 2017 will incur penalty charges.


Q. Can I print my bill from my computer? A. You can use the online tax system to view and print your property taxes. Click Here to Access the Online Tax System

Q. I will be out of Town for this year’s Property Tax Collection. What can I do? A. Property Tax bills can be viewed and printed online. Click Here to Access the Online Tax System . Also, town officials can mail, fax or e-mail the information to you. Just call 371-5720.

Q. Why didn’t I see my “STAR” exemption on my Property Tax Bill? A. “STAR” stands for “School Tax Assistance Relief”. The exemption does not apply against property tax.

Q. How can I reach the “School Tax Collector”? A. Shenendehowa School Tax Collector 881-0625, Burnt Hills School Tax Collector 399-1413, Niskayuna School Tax Collector 377-4666 ext. 50712

Q. Can I pay my School Taxes at Town Hall? A. No. Each School District handles their own collection.

Q. Can I pay my Property Tax Bill with a credit card? A. Yes, You can now pay your property taxes using a credit/debit card. There is a 2.45% transaction fee for credit cards, $3.95 fee for debit cards and a $1.75 convenience fee for E-checks which is charged by the credit card company (not the town). Go to and in the bottom left of the page under “Town and Community Resources,” choose the icon “Click here to view or print property tax bills/receipts.”

Q. If we have paid off our mortgage or refinanced, will you send my bill to the new bank? A. Many residents have their taxes escrowed with lending institutions. It is the responsibility of the lender to notify this office prior to the mailing of bills that they will make payment. In the event that a request list is not received prior to our mailing, the bills are mailed as addressed and becomes the responsibility of the owner to notify his/her lender. All changes of information to a tax bill is done through the Assessors Office and until this office receives these changes the tax bill will remain the same. If a bill is mailed to a former owner they are supposed to forward the bill to the new owner, or return it to this office. This does not always occur. It you are a new owner, it would be wise to contact this office if you do not receive your bill by the second week of January. If you have a lender, contact them to make certain they requested your bill for payment. The Property Tax Bills are printed from the Assessor’s records. For changes of mailing status please call the Assessor’s Office at 371-6460.

Q. Can I pre-pay my Property Tax Bill? A. No. By law the Property Tax Office cannot collect any tax until after January 1st of each year.

Q. Where can I pay my Property Tax Bill? A. Payments may be mailed to our bank lockbox at Town of Clifton Park, PO Box 10788, Albany, New York, 12201, or payments can be paid in person at Clifton Park Town Hall, 1 Town Hall Plaza, Clifton Park, New York 12065, or online with credit card or E-check (fees apply).

Q. When will I receive my Property Tax bill? A. The Property Tax Bill is mailed December 31st each year. If you do not receive the bill by January 7th , call the Property Tax Office at 371-5720.

Q. Do I qualify for any exemptions? A. All exemptions are processed by the Assessor’s Office. For information please call 371-6460.

Q. I never received my bill, or received it late, do I still have to pay a penalty? A. Yes. The failure to mail a statement or the failure of a property owner to receive a statement will not affect the validity of the taxes or interest prescribed by law (NYS RPTL 922). In addition, neither the Receiver of Taxes nor any other Town official has legal authority to waive statutory penalty charges. These are fixed by the Real Property Tax Law (RPTL). If they are waived, the collecting officer will be personally responsible. As all records are audited by State examiners, there is absolutely no discretion in this matter. The Constitution and the law of the State mandates the procedure.

Q. If I mail my payment on the due date do I have to pay a penalty? A. NYS RPTL 925 provides as follows: “Payment of taxes by mail, when enclosed in a postpaid wrapper (envelope) properly addressed to the appropriate collecting officer and is deposited in a post office or official depository under the exclusive care and custody of the United States Post Office shall, upon delivery, be deemed to have been made to such officer on the date of the United States Postmark on such wrapper. The provisions of this section shall not apply in the case of postmarks not made by the United States Post Office. A postage meter postmark is not a postmark made by the United States Post Office and, therefore, is not within the provisions of Real Property Tax Law 925. Payments cannot be deemed timely because of a postage meter postmark date on an envelope containing a tax payment (Op. New York State Com. 68-626).

Q.Do you mail out late notices? A. During the first week of March, a late notice of all unpaid tax bills is sent to the owner, and his/her lender if one is indicated on the bill. This notice is to advise you of the March 31st final date of acceptance at this office. Thereafter, all payments are to be made payable to the Saratoga County Treasurer. You must phone their office prior to sending any payments at (518) 884-4724.

Q. What is the amount due for my property taxes? A. Property tax bills show the months that payment may be made and the amounts that apply to each month. If payment is made in January, there is no penalty, the amount shown is the total due for the year. If payment is made in February,  a one percent penalty is added to the total amount due. If payment is made in March, a two percent penalty is added to the total amount due, plus an additional $2.00 late fee or service charge.

Q. What do I do if I paid my school taxes to the county and the re-levy is on my property tax bill? A. If you made payment of a school relevy to the County Treasurer prior to January, and the relevy is shown on your tax bill, subtract this amount from your total amount due and send payment of the balance, as well as the copy for this office given to you by the Treasurer’s office. Remember, if paying in February add 1% penalty, if March add 2% penalty plus $2.00 late fee.

Q. Can I make a partial payment? A. Payment amount must be exact, please make certain your check is correct.

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