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Register of Historic Places
11. Jonesville Store & Post Office ca. 1900 - 989 Main Street, Jonesville
This store replaced an earlier store, and with its unique Victorian interior, it captures the turn-of-the-century era. The general store was an important gathering place for rural hamlets. The building also served as the post office.

12. Clifton Park Hotel, ca. 1820 - Corner of ROute 9 & Ol dRoute 146
Typical of hotels that served our Town in the nineteenth century, this is a lone reminder of the turnpike era that stimulated the growth of Jonesville and Clifton Park Village. The Clifton Park Hotel was built by Ephraim Stevens, the first supervisor of the Town of Clifton Park. The building served as court house, jail, dance hall, roller skating rink, and place where traveling theatrical troupes could perform.

13. School No. 10, ca. 1905 - 344 Moe Road, Clifton Park Center
Located on the southwest corner of Grooms and Moe Road. Typical example of a one room school house, used prior to 1953 when Shenendehowa campus opened. Used presently as a Day Care business.

14. Clifton Park Center Baptist Church, ca. 1837 - 713 Clifton Park Center Road
Founded by Abijah Peck in 1794, this building retains its original form and interior, complete with interior pool under the sanctuary, which was used for baptisms. A cemetery is also located in the rear of the church.

15. Amity Reformed Church, ca. 1888 - 335 Riverview Road, Vischer Ferry
Located on Riverview Road in Vischer Ferry, it is a typical 1880s period Victorian church, with completely original exterior and interior, featuring original furniture and lighting fixtures. A rural cemetery is located in rear of church.

16. Asa Clark House, ca. 1845 - 394 Vischer Ferry Road, Clifton Park Center
Located on Vischer Ferry Road in Clifton Park Center, this is an excellent unaltered example of Gothic Revival architecture, and perhaps the Towns only remaining example.

17. The William Baker Castle, ca. 1885 - 159 East Side Drive, Ballston Lake
Home of William Bliss Baker, East Shore Drive in Ballston Lake. Unique home of well known New York City landscape artist. His studio was on the third floor with a balcony overlooking the lake. The driveway to the house later became East Shore Drive.

18. Canal Aqueduct & Lock No. 21, ca. 1842 - Route 146 at Rexford Bridge
Wonderfully preserved remains of our Towns canal era. The Erie Canal caused increased activity and development in the hamlet of Rexford. Aqueducts and locks were part of engineering marvels that made Erie Canal the eighth wonder of the world.

19. Store & Post Office, ca. 1850 - 357 Rivervire Road, Vicher Ferry
Located on Riverview Road in the hamlet of Vischer Ferry, where in the nineteenth century, this building was the heart of activity in the area. It remained virtually unchanged from its heyday in the 1840s and 1850s and it is presently occupied and used as a tack store.

20. Sherman House, ca. 1800 - 677 Route 146A, Elnora
Located on Route 146A, south of Elnora, this Federal farmhouse, built in about 1800 retains its original woodwork and stairway, a prime example of its style.

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