Berkshire Drive West Drainage Improvements

Berkshire Drive West Problem: For several months, a sink hole has been developing at a major trunk line of the storm water management system in the southern section of the Sherwood Forest Neighborhood. After several inspections, it was deemed that the pipe between two homes should be replaced.


Berkshire Drive West Drainage Improvements: The proposed project involves drainage improvements off of Berkshire Drive West; work includes replacement of approximately 220 linear feet of storm sewer outlet piping, a catch basin replacement, and all associated restoration work and road repair. The project is located in an easement between Berkshire Drive West and the Creek behind to properties in the Town of Clifton Park, New York.  The scope of work is defined in greater detail in the contract documents. These contract documents are available in the Administrative Offices of the Highway Department.

Location of Project: This project is located in front of the home at 14 Berkshire Drive West. The easement and area of construction will consist of an easement between 145 Berkshire Drive West and 1 Sheffield Drive. A portion of road in front of 14 Berkshire Drive West will be closed and impassable while the project is completed.

Project Goals: The goal of this project is threefold – 1) The Highway Department must maintain the storm water system that helps to drain precipitation from the southern portion of the Sherwood Forest Development, 2) The Highway Department needs to ensure the integrity of Berkshire Drive West and ensure that it is safe to travel on for cars and pedestrians, and, 3) it is the intentions of the Department to ensure that this project is as least invasive as possible for the homes involved and the residents that regularly travel Berkshire Drive West.

Bid Opening: The Town of Clifton Park on August 31, 2017, at 3:00 PM at the Town of Clifton Park Town Hall, One Town Hall Plaza, Clifton Park, New York 12065, publicly opened and read all sealed bids and proposals received pursuant to this notice for the furnishing of work, labor, and materials in connection with the drainage project on Berkshire Drive West in the Town of Clifton Park, New York.

Two proposals were available to bidders – 1) An open-cut, where a trench would be dug to remove the damaged pipe and a new pipe placed in the trench, and 2) A Direction Drill placing a new pipe next to the old pipe.

Bid Award: The bid was awarded Monday, September 11, 2017, to Bellamy Construction of Scotia, New York. The project would be a directional drilling project.

Directional Drilling Project: Directional Drilling is a noninvasive process of placing pipe underground. A large machine will be placed near the intersection of Sheffield Drive and Berkshire Drive West. This machine will drill a new pipe underground to replace the damaged pipe that is already in position. Once the new pipe is replaced, a new catch basin will be placed in the location of the current catch basin. Once the new pipe and new catch basin are installed, the old pipe will be filled with a lightweight liquid cement to ensure that future sink holes are deterred.

This construction will correct the sink hole and help to maintain the storm water infrastructure while protecting the nearby homes from future sink holes.

Date of Project: Currently, the start date of the project has not been set, but the Town of Clifton Park is planning on having the project completed prior to October 24, 2017.

Delays: The section of road in front of 14 Berkshire Drive West and 1 Sheffield Drive will be temporarily closed while the project is completed. There will be delays and detours with this project. Detours through the neighborhood will be available and signs will be visible to residents. These detours will be both short in distance, and in time frame.


Please refer to this page, and the website,, for future developments and notices to the neighborhood.

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