Missing Dogs

Name Pet Photo Dog Name Breed Color Gender Characteristics
Lisa Halsdorf Bailey Chihuahua Select One Male Bailey is 19 and can't hear and only sees shadows . He is FREINDLY and If found you can't just pick him up. He won't run
Erin Pollay Josie Other Mixed Breed Blonde Female
Audrey Brahler Audrey Brahler Boston Terrier Brindle Female Greeting around the eyes. Skinny. A lot of energy and very sweet.
Jessica Batchelder Hobbie Jack Russell Terrier White Select One Half of his face is black
Justin Moby Boxer Brindle Male Gree
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Missing Cats

Name Pet Photo Cat Name Breed Color Gender Characteristics
Erik Yatto Simon American Shorthair Tan (Beige) Male
Kristen Mao Select One Salt and Pepper Select One Long hair
Olivia Sutcliffe Mitzi American Shorthair Black Female Back right foot is tan, "tortiseshell" color, grey collar with a pink bow, pink nametag, and a pink bell
Ashley Berry Lily Ragamuffin Salt and Pepper Female White tuffs of fur in ears
christine blowers Pudge Select One Black Male tuxedo coloring
white chest and white front mittens and back legs from the knee down
Shannon Gillespie Geno American Shorthair Gray (Bluemerie) Male
MICHELE CARLSON Moses American Shorthair Black Male Gold Eyes - Solid Black
Andrea Rinebolt Moe American Shorthair Gray (Bluemerie) Male Semi long hair with white chest and white on face/ nose. Large kitty
Rick Kukuk Spooky American Shorthair Black Female White blotch on belly
Inna Tima American Shorthair Salt and Pepper Male
Tanya Runyon Brader Raiden Maine Coon Black Male Missing a patch of fur on his neck that had to be cut due to a knot. Very outgoing and friendly, and usually comes when called by name.
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Other Missing Pets

Name Pet Photo Pet Name Pet Type Color Characteristics
No records found.

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